• BACKFLUSH FILTERS & MODULAR FILTER CONCEPTS – This product line contains automatically operating backflush filters for liquids and gases, fine filters with dry discharge and modular filter concepts with foreign or own medium in the area of micro filtration.
  • Module filter – This filter, applied in the filtration of matters in refineries, has optimal dimensioning due to the modular design, can accommodate any flow rate, has a high filtration capacity, with minimal pressure loss and optimal backflush effect.
  • Fully automatic backflush filter – Used for the filtration of liquids such as coolants, sea water or fuel, this filter has an automatic cleaning process that avoids interrupting the filtration process.
  • SEPARATION AND ADSORBERS – This product line is used for the separation of saturated mist from a gas flow, for the separation of two emulsified liquids or for the separation of gases from a liquid.
  • Coalescer – this model is used for the filtration of aviation fuel as well as the dehydration of oil and diesel. Its advantages are a large filtration area, high filtration capacity, and a long life-cycle.
  • Demister Separator (Gas) – Used for the filtration of natural gas, this model is used for operation under extreme temperatures and pressures, with minimal pressure loss.
  • Gas separator – Used at refueling points of aviation fuel, gasoline and hydrocarbon, this separator can operate on rough particles and is maintenance-free.
  • Activated Carbon Adsorber – this adsorber is used in the chemical industry, and in the treatment of drinking water. Various filter sizes and the modular design enable any required flow rate.
  • SIEVE FILTERS – The Sieve Filters line includes pipeline protection sieves, strainers as well as sieve basket and sieve cylinder filters for the separation of rough impurities in liquids with the objective of protecting the plant components such as pumps and volumeters.
  • CARTRIDGE FILTER – This product line offers for each application and appropriate cartridge filter for the separation of the finest impurities in gases and liquids, equipped with the proper FAUDI Process filter cartridges.
  • These filters, used for either depth or surface filtration, are used in the filtration of industrial cooling water and waste water; for the micro filtration of oils, gases and chemical materials; and as protection filters and pre-filters for the separation of gases and liquids.
  • SLOT TYPE FILTERS – Extreme conditions in the filtration of liquids with automatic cleaning are no problem for FAUDI Slot Type Filters. They offer you solutions for highly viscous mediums, high pressures or temperatures, as well as CIP-cleaning.
  • Filtro de ranuraSe utilizan para la filtración de aceites y líquidos de alta viscosidad. Estos filtros tienen la opción de un proceso de limpieza manual, manual-automático, o totalmente automático, asegurando así una pérdida de presión mínima. Operan y se mantienen con mucha facilidad. Existe una gama de rascadores internos y externos, ya sean axiales o radiales, que acompañan a estos filtros.


The “Coolant” product range is specialized in the cleaning and treatment of coolant lubricants of the metalworking industry, steelworks as well as the automotive sector. “Coolant” offers solutions for filtration processes with the highest requirements.

  • BasicLine – Pressure Filter Systems – Filter systems that separate impurities out of oil, emulsion and water. Highly economic due to the high intake-capacity of the filter surfaces. Partly applicable as protection filters in front of sensitive equipment like pumps, valves, etc. These include High-Efficiency Filters, Cartridge Filters and Magnetic Cartridge Filters.
  • BeltLine – Belt Filter Systems – These filter systems separate coolants out of oil, emulsion, water and chemical processes. This line includes Pressure Belt Filters, Vacuum Filters, Gravity Belt Filters and Inclined Belt Filters.
  • CartLine – Cartridge Filter Systems – Filter systems that separate the finest impurities out of oil, emulsion, water and galvanic electrolyte. Their modular construction allows the highest filtration performance. This line includes Backflush Filters, Regenerable Microfilters and PreCoat Filters.


The best service is the one you never need to call on. This is the basis of FAUDI’s maintenance concept. Wear and tear, and material fatigue are taken into consideration from the very beginning. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials is as important as the precise matching of equipment and process conditions.

After installation, FAUDI customers can be sure that a systematic training of the employees on the job, as well as a flexible and prompt service, will follow, no matter where the equipment is situated.

FAUDI also has an extensive Spare Parts Service, ensuring that the day-to-day functioning of your equipment is optimized at all times.

If you have any queries about FAUDI’s servicing or spare parts, don’t hesitate to ask us.

FAUDI’s global expertise lies in the sectors of filtration and separation of liquids and gases. Their strength lies in their patented filtration systems which use no additional filter aids, considerably reducing waste, thus minimizing cost and protecting the environment. Today, FAUDI’s coolant and process products ensure and enable smooth production in various sectors, such as in the oil, gas and chemical industries, in refineries and power plants, the automotive and metal processing sectors, and also in steelworks.



FAUDI, founded in 1938 in Germany, began its work thanks to the ingenious mind of its founder, Fritz Faudi. In the 1920s, when innovative people were still called inventors, Faudi optimized the cardan-shaft to such a degree that he practically reinvented it! In the years that followed, he created spectacular techniques in the field of filtration, making the company’s reputation famous throughout the world. Since then, FAUDI has developed, constructed, produced, serviced, and distributed equipment of the highest quality, made in Germany – equipment that fulfils international regulations and certifications.

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