Forney provides a complete line of oil and natural gas igniters for all burner types. These igniters provide the ignition energy to ignite the main fuel for utility and large industrial steam generators.

  • Oil Igniter DURAFire
  • MaxFire Gas Igniter
  • Flexible Single Tube
  • Q87 Igniter
  • Horn Igniter
  • HESI Igniter


  • Flame Detectors – these are used in multi burner utility and large industrial boilers to detect the presence or absence of flame produced from each burner and its associated igniter. Information from the flame detector is an integral part of the burner management system that is required on all boilers.
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS) – Forney will design and engineer the BMS logics for implementation. This can be done on both DCS and PLC platforms.
  • Mechanical Systems – these systems combine Forney’s industry leading igniters and flame detectors with a full range of support equipment including fuel skids, air blower assemblies and valve racks.


Proper functioning dampers are vital to the operation of your plant, so FORNEY puts its design emphasis on areas critical to the effectiveness and life of the damper. Forney supplies a complete line of high quality dampers to utility and heavy industrial customers.


We provide an enormous range of Forney spare parts, for different equipment in various applications. Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry for a spare part.

With over 85 years of experience, Forney has maintained its position as a leader in power plants and large industrial systems, designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing the most innovative lines of combustion equipment. Forney’s full line includes igniters, flame detectors, burner management systems (BMS), dampers, burners, and duct burners.



R.H. Forney founded Forney Engineering Company in 1927 to manufacture oil and gas burners for electric utilities. Gradual development and growth over the subsequent decades saw Forney expand into the international market.

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