Nil-Cor offers a choice of six ball valve models in a selection of corrosion resistant advanced composite materials and sizes to meet the requirements of the chemical process industry. A Nil-Cor ball valve features a lightweight, corrosion resistant body and a lock-out provision as standard equipment.

  • FLANGED BALL VALVES – Available in sizes 1” to 10”, this valve features a one-piece body, eliminating the leak path inherent in a body joint. Available in either glass or graphite fiber-reinforced vinyl ester or novolac epoxy, as well as glass fiber-reinforced polysulfone.
  • THREADED BALL VALVES – Available from ½” to 2” sizes for corrosive chemical service. It provides the benefits of corrosion resistance, low operating torque, strong stem design, ease of maintenance and a standard lock-out provision.


Nil-Cor has combined two advanced materials technologies: graphite fiber-reinforced vinyl ester resin and tough new zirconia ceramic, to produce the best performing and lowest cost valve for corrosive/erosive fluids.

  • ULTRA-HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE (UHMWPE)-LINED BALL VALVES. An economical solution for les ssevere slurry applications. Ranges in size from 1” to 8”.


Nil-Cor uses premium epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin and a special blend of filters, reinforcement and curing agents to produce an inherently corrosion resistant valve. Without the need for expensive liners that eventually swell or permeate, Nil-Cor valves deliver a long, maintenance-free service life. Nil-Cor butterfly valves weigh less than 1/3 that of similarly sized metal valves. This means reduced handling and shipping expenses and easier installation.

  • DOUBLE-OFFSET DISC BUTTERFLY VALVES – Ranging in size from 3” to 42”, these valves allow the disc to move off the seat, reducing break-away torque and seat wear.


Nil-Cor offers a full range of ball and butterfly automated on/off valves and control valves. Standard actuators include rack & pinion and vane-type pneumatic actuators and electric units. Nil-Cor can supply any actuator brand and model as required to suit the application and customer preferences.


Nil-Cor check valves have been designed to achieve strengths equivalent to metals with the inherent corrosion resistance of advanced polymer matrix composite materials. The exceptional valve body strength and operational integrity of Nil-Cor composite valves are achieved through both material properties and valve design.

  • BALL CHECK VALVES – From 1” to 6”, flanged, one-piece.
  • WAFER SWING CHECK VALVES – from 3” to 12”, full-face, one-piece wafer style.

Nil-Cor is the world’s largest supplier of high technology industrial valves made from strong, lightweight composite materials. Their graphite and fiberglass reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic resins are resistant to acids, caustics, bleaches and more than one thousand other industrial and waste treatment chemicals, at half the cost of traditional alloy valves.



First introduced in 1977, Nil-Cor valves have steadily proven their worth in tough industrial applications once thought to be solely the province of steel or alloy valves. Nil-Cor’s mission is uncomplicated: To contribute to the success of their customers by providing them with the most economical and useful products that consistently meet their corrosion resistant requirements. More than 300,000 Nil-Cor valves are in service today.

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