• Inlet guide vane (IGV) – the inlet guide vane controls the operation by varying the stream into the blower. Usually electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators are used.
  • Impeller – there are over 2500 different types and sizes, for all kinds of applications; in any wieldable metal, also with coating.
  • Casing – these are manufactured exclusively as welded construction, spiral casing with rectangular body shape. Optionally corrosion and/or pressure resistant, and suitable for extreme temperatures.
  • Motor – electrical motor, steam turbines or combustion engines can be used to drive the blower.
  • Coupling – this connects the drive with the impeller of the blower. Only the best are used.
  • Shaft seal – this minimizes the leakage in the shaft tunnel. Depending on the application, different types of shaft seals are recommended.
  • Bearing – this has to carry the full load of the impeller weight. For an efficient and smooth operation, either anti-friction or fluid film bearings are used.
  • Lube oil unit (LOU) – standardized or customized to guarantee optimum lubrication.


We guarantee the ability to deliver spare parts for PILLER machines and equipment for decades to come. We supply the original parts you need quickly and reliably. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have an inquiry.

With over 100 years of tradition, PILLER has made a name for itself as a global technology leader, manufacturing customized blowers and compressors for the process industry. Its equipment can be found, functioning to the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency, in refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries, power plants, water treatment industries, and general mechanical engineering in every corner of the globe.



In 1909, Anton Piller designed and produced the first blowers, generators and electric motors for the company bearing his name. Over the years, the company has developed, under the stewardship of two families, into a successful global player for high-performance blowers and compressors.

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