• Single-stage fabricated Centrifugal Blowers – Spencer single stage scroll blowers and RB pressure blowers provide dependable air or gas movement at a wide range of selected pressures and volumes. These blowers are widely used for in-plant industrial, commercial and municipal applications, and in OEM equipment for compost and wastewater aeration, temperature control, combustion air delivery, ventilation, materials handling, air curtains and drying.
  • Multi-stage fabricated centrifugal blowers – Spencer multistage fabricated blowers cover an extensive line of styles and models used for a wide range of air/gas services in industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal applications. The fabricated construction allows easy substitution of other metals to counter very high temperatures, chemical or corrosive conditions.
  • Custom Blowers and Gas Boosters – Spencer solves air and gas handling challenges that are so difficult, sometimes the only alternative is to change the process. Their high-performance blowers and gas boosters can be built to handle corrosive and toxic sulfides, halogens, acids, flue and stack gases, cyanides and ammonia, at temperatures up to 593ºC, and operating pressures to 300 PSIG.
  • Power Mizer® Cast Centrifugal Blowers – These blowers represent the culmination of years of research and experimentation as Spencer engineers took on the task of creating more energy-efficient, power-conserving cast blower technology. Spencer Power Mizer multistage cast centrifugal blowers provide high efficiency air delivery in heavy-duty process applications such as: desulfurization processes, wastewater aeration, air knives, hazardous vapor control, soil remediation, fluidized beds, central vacuum systems, felt dewatering, landfill gas boosting and combustion air delivery.
  • Vortex® Regenerative Blowers – Vortex blowers generate high-pressure airflow during each rotation of a unique one-sided, single-stage impeller. Its compact, lightweight design; excellent performance range; long-life reliability; oil-free air delivery and minimal heat and noise make it a great option for an enormous range of applications.
  • AyrJet® High Speed Turbo Blowers – an investment in efficient aeration. Spencer’s high speed, high efficiency single-stage turbo blower technology was developed with a focus on maximum efficiency to help customers reduce energy costs while providing reliable air delivery for aeration need.



  • Industravac® Vacuum Units – This line presents cost-effective alternatives to custom-engineered central systems, offering the benefits of pre-engineered, highly integrated designs. You are assured of application-matched performance from correctly sized, compatible and proven components. Within the standard model selection, there are varying features, such as filter bag or filter cartridge separators, bottom exhausts for outdoor use and multistage or regenerative vacuum producers.
  • Vacuum Separators – Spencer’s centrifugal, filtration, and special designs for vacuum separators offer a high-efficiency separating air filtration process, using a cyclone action for greater dirt removal or pneumatic conveying. Two-stage separation traps over 99% of the remaining solids, even with difficult powdered materials. The automated, sequential cleaning allows the separator to operate continuously.


For owners and prospective buyers of Spencer equipment, Spencer offers wide-ranging services, such as engineering design, field and factory repairs, operational and maintenance training, and large inventories of replacement parts. These services enhance your relationship with Spencer, assuring comprehensive support long after the initial purchase.

Rely on the industry’s largest complement of engineers and technical specialists to design complete air and gas handling systems, incorporating standard and custom technology to meet your exact needs. The Spencer testing facilities are an invaluable tool for application research, intermediate design studies and system evaluation. Testing capabilities range from material compatibility studies to Code and witness tests of final designs.

If you have a query about Spencer’s services, don’t hesitate to ask.

Since 1892, The Spencer Turbine Company has applied a unique Engineering Edge to create innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems. Since its early days, Spencer quickly became a prime supplier to American industry, which still relies on its blowers and vacuum systems to do a fully day’s work for years at a time. The quality and durability that go into Spencer products are now serving a broad variety of end users.



The Spencer Turbine Company was founded in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1892 by Ira Hobart Spencer. One of America’s legendary inventors and entrepreneurs, Ira started a corporate dynasty by solving a tedious problem: manually pumping the pipe organ in his church every Sunday.

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